Michael Cochrane

Regular massage therapy from Pip has kept me free of injury for over two years now! I came in as a typical hamstring bothered sprinter and haven’t had a niggle since. My performances have improve significantly from the extra flexibility gains, and I am convinced that without Pips soft tissue therapy I would not have been able to consistently train injury free for the last two years.

Michael Cochrane, 100Hurdles, 400Hurdles World Junior Championship Athlete

Bruce Partridge

For the last six years I have enjoyed the regular therapeutic massage that Pip has provided me. She has been able to understand what is required to keep me both mobile and well. A very skilled therapist, she is able to offer both assistance and help while being interested in finding out what is good for the recipient. It is obvious that she understands a significant amount of what helps to make people feel well. I think she is among a very small group of excellent and effective massage therapists in New Zealand.


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