Sore achy back at the end of the day?

Try this gentle pelvic exercise which is a lovely mobilising movement for the lower back area. All you need is a flat place to lie down and 3-5 mins and this will work a treat to loosen up that stiff pelvis:

Pelvic Clock:

  • Lie on the floor on your back, knees bent
  • Imagine the pelvis is a clock face with a marble sitting in the middle
  • The bottom of your sternum(breastbone) is 12 o’clock and your pelvic bone 6 o’clock
  • Take a breath in to prepare and as you breathe out stiffen your tummy muscles in and down to the floor while slowly rolling your pelvis backwards to flatten lower back on floor
  • Imagine the marble is rolling up to 12 o’clock
  • Take a breathe in and imagine rolling the marble down to 6 o’clock by gently arching the lower back (but only a little)
  • Repeat 5- 10 times or more

Keep breath continuous and smooth

Movements should be flowing

Keep head, neck and shoulders aligned

Use the least amount of effort to achieve the best possible result

Can be done everyday and several times per day